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Adele Hunt
COP – Community and Learning Manager
Adele supports the ongoing management, facilitation and development of the Healthy Ageing Challenge Community of Practice, which the Centre for Ageing Better is delivering on behalf of UKRI.

Adele facilitates the Healthy Ageing Challenge Community of Practice so that members can share learning, make new connections and identify solutions to  common barriers. The Healthy Ageing Community of Practice is a learning community that brings together projects funded as part of the ISCF Healthy Ageing challenge. These projects are working to develop products and services that help people to remain independent, productive and active into older age.

Previously Adele worked with the Campaign to End Loneliness as Community Manager for the Tackling Loneliness Hub, an online network of professionals committed to working together to share best practice and evidence in reducing loneliness.  Adele has also spent over 10 years working at Sheffield City Council including roles in local economic development and business start-up support, facilitating peer support networks, designing and delivering grant funding programmes and championing the role of the voluntary sector in the city.

Adele joined Ageing Better in September 2021.