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Busting the “wealthy boomers” myth

The post-war generation now in their 60s and 70s are often portrayed as wealthy beneficiaries of circumstance. Yet almost one in five live in poverty.

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Action today for all our tomorrows

The Centre for Ageing Better is tackling inequalities in ageing. We're working to make our homes and workplaces suitable for us as we get older, as well as building an Age-friendly Movement to challenge negative attitudes about ageing.

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The State of Ageing is the most detailed and up-to-date report about ageing in England. Hover over the different chapter sections and central logo to find out more.
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Wednesday 20 March 2024 will be forever remembered as a critical day in the growth of the Age Without Limits campaign and the life of the Centre for Ageing Better.
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The Age Without Limits campaign releases new data ahead of first national Action Day which will see scores of events across the country including opening of Challenging Ageism: See and Be Seen exhibition in London.
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Our recent State of Ageing finance chapter details the staggering number of pensioners without savings or workplace/private pensions left to get by on the meagre state pension.
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Becoming a more Age-friendly Community doesn’t have to cost the earth, writes our Age-friendly Communities Learning Officer Rebecca Lines.

In fact, it can often be a matter of doing what is already happening, with your ageing population in mind.
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The uncertainty around lifting the state pension age to 68 has again highlighted the need for better long-term planning for our ageing population.
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Photos in the image library, which depict older people in non-stereotypical ways, are available to download for free.

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Upcoming and recent events

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We discussed whether the Budget really will deliver more employment for people in their 50s and 60s.
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What is an Age-friendly Community? Learn about the WHO Age-friendly Communities framework and what can be achieved through becoming one.
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This webinar explained how you can capture photos that show the diversity of older people in realistic and authentic ways.

Latest research from others

Brinkhof, L.P., et al. Geriatrics
26 Feb 2024
The paper investigates how ageism affects the mental well-being and quality of life of older people, and the mitigating role of individual resilience.
Stowell, M., et al. Journal of Long-Term Care
27 Feb 2024
This study outlines the nature of evidence on the experiences of unpaid carers of older people.
Centre for Mental Health
5 Mar 2024
This briefing highlights the neglect of mental health support for older adults in England.

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