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Ageing Better to deliver new campaign against age-based discrimination

Our new strategy focuses on activities to reduce the inequalities people experience as they grow older.

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Featured content

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A guide to data, indicators and other ways to understand how well people are ageing in your local area.
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To mark Pride Month, we've gathered stories from a number of older LGBT+ people to share their perspectives on inequality, community and how attitudes towards LGBT+ people have changed.
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The photographs – which depict older and Disabled people in non-stereotypical, positive and authentic ways – are available for download and free to use.
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Our online, interactive report captures a snapshot of how people in the UK are ageing today, while looking at past trends and our prospects if action isn't taken.
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Ageism is the most widespread form of discrimination in the UK. And it will likely impact us all at some point, particularly as we get older.
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This set of downloadable evidence cards summarises employers’ attitudes towards older workers, including their thoughts on being an age-friendly employer.
Age-positive images

The Centre for Ageing Better has launched a free library of positive and realistic images of people aged 50 and over.

Who we are

Upcoming and recent events

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We explored the key themes from our flagship report, The State of Ageing 2022, a comprehensive review of the most recent national data on ageing.
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This webinar explored the findings from our evaluation of the Leeds Neighbourhood Network.
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In this webinar we explored what needs to be in place to enable everyone to maintain, rebuild or grow social connections as we age.
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What is an Age-friendly Community? Learn about the WHO Age-friendly Communities framework and what can be achieved through becoming one.
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This webinar explored the latest research on ethnic inequalities in health in later life.
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The Centre for Ageing Better and The Physiological Society launched a new joint report ‘A National Post Pandemic Resilience Programme: Supporting older adults to recover from the pandemic’.

Latest research from others

Department for Work and Pensions
28 Aug 2022
These annual statistics include detailed breakdowns of measures for increasing the number of savers, and increasing the amount of savings.
Department of Health and Social Care
29 Jul 2022
This plan sets out a vision for a digitally enabled health and social care system and how it can be achieved. It collates existing digital strategies, plans and guidance into one single action plan.
Department for Work and Pensions
28 Jul 2022
This consultation is the second of two public consultations on the draft Pensions Dashboards Regulations 2022. It seeks views on the Dashboard Available Point and proposals to support the disclosure of information between the Money and Pensions Service and the Pensions Regulator.

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