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Our country wastes a huge amount of talent, skills and experience by denying older workers the chance to stay in jobs or find new ones.

older man working from home

Latest research from others

Women and Equalities Committee
28 Jul 2022
This report explores menopause as a health issue, a workplace issue and, fundamentally, as an equality issue, in relation to which people need better legal protection. It seeks to raise awareness across wider society, drive change amongst employers, and encourage a proactive and collaborative approach by the government.
Department for Work and Pensions
18 Jul 2022
This report lays out the government's response to the recommendations made in the independent report  Menopause and the Workplace, published in November 2021. This report aimed to bring about comprehensive change and support for those experiencing the menopause, in key areas of Government policy, employerpractice, and wider societal and fnancial change.
International Longevity Centre UK
21 Jun 2022
These reports are part of a series of deep-dives into how G20 countries can support older people's economic contributions and how societies globally can become more age-friendly. These reports focus on Mexico, Canada and the UK.

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