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Age-friendly Movement

We're building a social movement to change how people think, feel and act about ageing.

More than 2,500 people have joined our Age-friendly Movement

Our Age-friendly Movement is changing attitudes around ageing. This includes a bold campaign to tackle ageism.

Ageism means we don’t value older people or invest in ways to help people age well. Ageism affects people of all ages, but its damaging impact is often felt most strongly as people age, whether through discrimination in the workplace or being denied access to potentially life-saving healthcare. Our latest report Ageism: What's the harm? examines the impact that ageism has on our lives and on society.   

Tackling ageism has always been a fundamental aspect of Ageing Better’s work and this year we’ll step it up a gear, continuing to build an Age-friendly Movement ready to support our new public-facing campaign this autumn, which will get everyone thinking and acting differently about age and ageing.   

In the meantime we’ll continue our work to address ageism:  

  • by looking at how older people are depicted by the UK film industry with a new report  
  • through our Age-positive image library which tackles ageism by presenting a more realistic depiction of ageing
  • with organisations who’ve signed the Age-friendly Employer Pledge to look at how companies can recruit and retain older workers 
  • by promoting our guidance for organisations on talking about and challenging ageism
Get involved

Join our Age-friendly Movement

Everyone, everywhere has a stake in changing how we view older age – so take the first step in challenging ageism and join our Age-friendly Movement; sign up below for news about our work and how you can help us over the next few months.   

As a supporter you will: 

  • hear more about our plans for the ageism campaign as they develop – via our newsletter 
  • keep updated about our resources that will help you challenge ageism in your everyday life and help make your community more age-friendly
  • find out how you can get involved in and support campaign activity – for example, signing joint letters for action to challenge ageism in society, sharing our social media resources  
  • have the chance to share your stories of ageism and positive ageing as part of the age-friendly campaign

Ageism Action Day

Our new Action Day on 20th of March 2024 is a chance for everyone to do something to change the narrative about ageing.

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Featured guides

Placeholder image older woman outside
For professionals

Challenging ageism: A guide to talking about ageing and older age

This guide is designed as a practical tool to support organisations in communicating about ageing and older age.
Placeholder image two older women writing on a clip board and talking
For employers

Becoming an Age-friendly Employer

Sign up to the Age-friendly Employer Pledge and show you recognise the value of older workers.
Placeholder image older man walking with younger woman
For professionals

Age-positive images: Guide and terms to using our image library

This simple guide includes tips on commissioning your own photography that represents the reality and diversity of later life.
Placeholder image Woman hugging her friend
For local areas

Becoming an Age-friendly Community

An Age-friendly Community is a place where any one can live a healthy and active later life. These places make it possible for people to stay living in their homes, participate in activities, and contribute to their communities.
Placeholder image Group of older people talking
For journalists

Media guidelines for reporting on ageing and older age

This guidance – available on the Independent Press Standards Organisation's (IPSO) external resources for journalists – is designed to ensure that older people are more accurately represented in the media.
Placeholder image Ageism explainer video
For advertisers

Guidance on causing offence around age

This guidance, from the Advertising Standards Authority, was created to ensure non-broadcast advertisers avoid causing harm or widespread offense on the grounds of age.
Placeholder image grow guide thumbnail
For employers

Good Recruitment for Older Workers: A guide for employers

More than a third of 50-70 year olds feel at a disadvantage applying for jobs due to their age. This recruitment guide sets out five key actions to help organisations become more age-inclusive.

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