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Placeholder image Aideen Young


Senior Evidence Manager - Research, Impact and Voice
Aideen plays a key part in the evidence function at Ageing Better, ensuring that - as a What Works centre - we have the right evidence to support and shape our work across the organisation.

She oversees delivery of our flagship report on the State of Ageing and has commissioned, and led, myriad projects including those on active travel, strength and balance training, community contributions, experiences of our homes and communities during the pandemic, experience of the retirement transition and psychosocial support for transitions in later life.

Aideen holds an MSc in Ageing and Society from King’s College, London and a PhD in Chemistry from New York University. She previously worked in the medical communications sector and as a protein crystallographer solving the structure of proteins involved in the immune response.

Articles written by Aideen

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Our recent State of Ageing finance chapter details the staggering number of pensioners without savings or workplace/private pensions left to get by on the meagre state pension.
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The post-war generation now in their 60s and 70s are often portrayed as wealthy beneficiaries of circumstance. Yet almost one in five live in poverty.
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This year’s annual conference of the British Society of Gerontology highlighted the importance of understanding how issues including COVID-19 and climate change impact older people.

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