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Placeholder image Declan


Finance Manager (job share)
Declan shares the position of Finance Manager role with Sarah Scott. The Finance Manager is responsible for financial accounting, finance management and payroll at Ageing Better.

The Finance Manager role includes financial analysis, monitoring budgets, financial risk management and mitigation, and legal compliance with company and charity law. The Finance Manager also manages external relationships with our auditors, bankers, HM Revenue & Customs and other statutory organisations.

Declan’s previous role was as Accountant with Royal Trinity Hospice. He was responsibility for the financial management of both the Hospice and its Charity Shops. The hospice provides end of life care both in the community and inpatient care. The hospice has over 25 charity shops throughout South London. Declan also previously worked with Age UK Richmond as Finance Manager.

Declan joined Ageing Better in July 2020.

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