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4. Evaluate

An introduction to evaluating age-friendly successes and challenges.

Street scene, Werneth - Greater Manchester

Monitoring and evaluating progress of your age-friendly journey will help to identify successes and challenges and serve as the basis for defining priorities for future improvements. Collecting evidence on both the progress of implementing the age-friendly approach as well as its impact on local people’s lives is crucial to the success and sustainability of a communities’ efforts to become increasingly age-friendly.

Age-friendly programme cycle

Age-friendly Programme Cycle:  Evaluate

Why bother involving people in evaluation?
A practical tool from Evaluation Support Scotland to help organisations plan how to involve the people they work with in evaluation. 

Here is a selection of the key UK and international resources to support you in evaluating:

Research and evaluation framework for age-friendly cities
A practical resource for cities looking to develop age-inclusive programmes and initiatives – with key facts, evidence reviews and summaries for each of the World Health Organisation (WHO) age-friendly domains

Measuring the age-friendliness of cities: a guide to using indicators
A technical guide to selecting and using core indicators for establishing baselines, setting goals/targets, monitoring and evaluating age-friendly initiatives.

Evaluating your age-friendly community program: a step-by-step guide
This guide from AARP was developed to help communities document and evaluate their progress in becoming more age-friendly.

The Livability Index
This website is a tool to score neighbourhoods and communities across the United States for the services and amenities that most impact the lives of older people. 

Age-friendly communities evaluation guide: using indicators to measure progress
Developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada to promote the use of the Age-Friendly Communities model.

Healthy and Positive Ageing Indicators (HaPAI)
A web initiative from Ireland with a selection of links to a wide range of international positive ageing indicators.

An Age-friendly City  how far has London come?

This 2015 follow-up to London's earlier What makes a city age friendly? considers progress that has been made in the city since 2007. It summarises what matters for older people, identifies remaining problems and suggests possible solutions.

Better Evaluation

BetterEvaluation is an international collaboration to improve the practice and theory of evaluation by creating and curating information on choosing and using evaluation methods and processes. This resource is a general guide to improving evaluation practice & theory for people and organisations of varying levels of understanding.

Age-friendly Belfast plan 2018-2021

Belfast has been working towards age friendly since 2013 and is in its second WHO programme cycle, therefore the city has been able to reflect and build on progress already made. This resource is Belfast’s Age-friendly action plan for 2018-2021.  

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