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Closing employment gap for older workers would generate £9 billion a year for economy

Ageing Better has joined forces with a number of organisations to outline six steps political parties should take to level the playing field for older workers.

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Action today for all our tomorrows

The Centre for Ageing Better is tackling inequalities in ageing. We're working to make our homes and workplaces suitable for us as we get older, as well as building an Age-friendly Movement to challenge negative attitudes about ageing.

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The State of Ageing is the most detailed and up-to-date report about ageing in England. Hover over the different chapter sections and central logo to find out more.
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Being age-friendly makes perfect sense for businesses – and the customers they serve.
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Ensuring more older workers see a future in hospitality key to sector’s future success

We often hear that age is just a number. Yet like the best clichés when it comes to working in the brewing and pub industry it’s built on rock solid truth.
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Join the UK Network of Age-friendly Communities in celebrating the integral role of older people in our communities, this International Day of Older People.
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No one should have to live in a home that damages their health, yet it is the norm for far too many people in England today. We’re leading a national campaign to fix unsafe homes.
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The uncertainty around lifting the state pension age to 68 has again highlighted the need for better long-term planning for our ageing population.
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Photos in the image library, which depict older people in non-stereotypical ways, are available to download for free.

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We discussed whether the Budget really will deliver more employment for people in their 50s and 60s.
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What is an Age-friendly Community? Learn about the WHO Age-friendly Communities framework and what can be achieved through becoming one.
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This webinar explained how you can capture photos that show the diversity of older people in realistic and authentic ways.


The how, where and when of flexible working at Phoenix

Phoenix Group talk to us about Phoenix Flex, a new project that supports their commitment towards becoming a leader in age-inclusive employment.

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Rudy's story - Modelling in older age

He discusses his newfound confidence and how the advertising industry is waking up to the demand of older consumers. 

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Age-friendliness as a part of professionalism

Show you recognise the value of older workers by signing up to our Age-friendly Employer Pledge.

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Latest research from others

Murphy, D, J., et al., Gerontology & Geriatrics Education
2 Jun 2024
This paper outlines the impact and feasibility of a 6-week online process-based intervention aimed at reducing internalised ageism in older people.
Bennie, M., et al., British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
29 May 2024
This paper outlines the prevalence of polypharmacy (taking five or more medications) amongst older people living in Europe.
Age UK
1 Jun 2024
This report highlights trends in internet usage among older adults in the UK.

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