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2. Plan strategically

An introduction to planning strategically for an age-friendly community.

Age-friendly Communities Conference, Bristol

Planning strategically is where all stakeholders develop a shared vision, to determine the priorities for action and to plan and resource how your community will achieve its age-friendly outcomes.

Age-friendly programme cycle

Age-friendly Programme Cycle:  Plan strategically
Developing a common vision – this film from Age-friendly Salford introduces the vision for their community:

Here is a selection of age-friendly charters from places that are on the age-friendly journey:


Synergising Age-friendly with Local Strategies
A one-page document from Greater Manchester demonstrating how they have synergised their local strategies and age-friendly plans.

Latest research from others

Department for Work & Pensions
11 Jul 2023
This paper outlines the government's response to a consultation seeking views on a new legislative framework for authorising and regulating defined benefit 'superfund' consolidation schemes.
Department for Work & Pensions
20 Jun 2023
This toolkit is designed to provide some ideas and guidance for organisations wishing to encourage pensioners they have dealings with to claim Pension Credit where they might be entitled.
Department of Health and Social Care
15 Jun 2022
This guidance applies to the charging reform implementation support funding. It sets out allocations of the implementation support grant for 2022 to 2023 and guidance intended to assist local authorities.

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