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Black History Month 2020 – Stories of race and age

As part of Black History Month we've collated stories from a number of Black Britons to give them a platform to share their stories about race, inequality, age and gender. 

Black History Month

Ageing Better is committed to ensuring those of all ages, regardless of race or gender, enjoy good later lives. 

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A collection of booklets and podcasts from Hackney CVS have helped to record and celebrate the diversity of Hackney.
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Placeholder image Bouquet of flowers on a table

Wil's voice

Wil, 61, is using her own experience of the mental health service to help improve care and support of people with mental illness.
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Placeholder image Rupert in a kitchen on stage

Rupert's voice

Rupert, 52, shares with us his experiences of growing up in Nottingham as a Black person and how he has been navigating the COVID-19 pandemic while living with his mum.
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Placeholder image Beverleys voice

Beverley's voice

Beverley, from London, recalls spending her early years with a White foster family and explains how her later life is devoted to giving Black people a voice.
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Placeholder image Reggie's voice

Reggie's voice

Reggie, 55, talks about encountering racism during his school days, setting up an independent Saturday school for African and Caribbean children and being one of the first members of a golf society.
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Placeholder image Michelle's voice

Michelle's voice

Michelle, in her 60s, reflects on her time spent in America where she was inspired to become more vocal by the Black community before coming back to the UK to take up higher education opportunities and raise her children.
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Placeholder image Shirleys voice

Shirley's voice

Shirley, 60, from Essex talks about her Windrush heritage, the contributions the Afro-Caribbean community has made to the UK and life in Britain as she approaches later life.
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Placeholder image Tims voice

Tim's voice

Tim from London recalls growing up in the east end of the city, dealing with racism and how ageism is now his main concern for his future job prospects.
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Placeholder image Ann's Voice

Ann's voice

Ann, a 54-year-old former teaching assistant, talks about the 'triple whammy' of her age, gender and race.

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