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#AgeProud is a campaign challenging the outdated, ageist attitudes that prevent too many of us from making the most of our longer lives.

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We're backing the global and growing #AgeProud movement to celebrate ageing positively.

We need your help  join the campaign by sharing a selfie, comment or the links below.

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Preview Steve

Why Steve is #AgeProud

"You do get reflective when you think about retirement, and about your kids and grandkids. I have all these special skills and I don’t want to lose them, but now I can help my kids set up their homes, helping with practical stuff and passing these skills on."
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Preview Michi

Why Michi is #AgeProud

"Whatever age you are, it’s always the oldest you’ve ever been! People always say that they’ve changed so much and they would never want to be in their 20s again for example. But I’ve always felt exactly the same!"
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Preview Chris #AgeProud

Why Chris is #AgeProud

"I’ve used a lot of WhatsApp this year which has been a lifeline. I became a grandmother for the first time this year. It’s been so hard not being able to see my grandson, I worry he won’t remember me."
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Why Fatima is #AgeProud

"Bangladeshi ladies, the same age as me, are not thinking in my way at all. People don’t like to change, they are just traditional."
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Why Howard is #AgeProud

"I think I’m quite assertive despite experiencing a sense of being on the margins of mainstream society, I am determined to be me."
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Why Sue is #AgeProud

"I think it’s just a sense of packing in as much as possible ‘cos the older you get, the more aware you are of mortality at the end of it."
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Why Pete is #AgeProud

"I don’t think to myself, I can’t do that, I can’t do this. It’s the photographic background, I look at things all the time and I can’t help but do it."
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Why Ron is #AgeProud

"I went back to college to do an HNC in management but I couldn't get a job. I think that’s to do with age."
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On International Day of Older Persons, mayors and council leaders across the UK have pledged to tackle ageism

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