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Communication and information | Age-friendly Communities

One of the eight domains of age-friendly

Staying connected with events and people and getting timely, practical information to manage life and meet personal needs is vital for active ageing.

Two older women seated at a table.

In an age-friendly community, ensuring information is accessible to older people involves using plain language, oral and print communication and ensuring electronic equipment and automated services are easier to use.

Why is this important?

While the majority of information is now shared online, 47% of people aged 75 and over have never used the internet. The information may be out there, but it isn’t always accessible for older people.


The digital age: new approaches to supporting people in later life get online
This research highlights a need for a fundamental re-think of digital inclusion policy and practice for people in later life.

International Resources

A guide to age-friendly communication
A straightforward, practical guide to age-friendly communication for all service providers and interested people from Monaghan Age Friendly alliance.

Gaining Momentum: A Frameworks Communications Toolkit
A collection of resources from Frameworks Institute designed to help advocates reframe ageing in America – including original research and a variety of materials to help apply it.

Age-friendly communication – facts, tips and ideas
A range of research findings, practical tips and advice from experts on communicating with seniors by the Government of Canada taking in target audience, communication channels, key messages, and advice from experts.

How to make information accessible
A guide to producing documents and information in accessible, easy to read words and pictures for professionals and organisations by CHANGE, a human rights organisation lead by disabled people.

Sign of the times    
A fun take on age-friendly signage by Spring Chicken, an Oxford based group of 'like-minded people, building a company that aims to make life easier for everybody, particularly those with health issues which make things more difficult than they were.'

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