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Community support and health services | Age-friendly Communities

One of the eight domains of age-friendly

Community support is strongly connected to good health and wellbeing throughout life, alongside accessible and affordable health care services.

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Provision of health care in age-friendly communities needs to be effective and accessible. To maintain health and independence WHO recommends optimising provisions such as accessibility to services, home care, residential care and planning for emergencies.

Why is this important?

By the time people reach their 80s, 54% of adults need help with one or more daily activities like bathing, cooking or using the toilet unaided. Based on current trends, healthcare spending will have to increase by 3.3% and social care spending by 3.9% every year for the next 15 years, just to keep pace with increased demand. As the older population grows in size, the need for health services and support in the community grows too.


Raising the bar on strength and balance: The importance of community-based provision
This report presents the models of delivery, issues, barriers and innovative solutions of community-based strength and balance programmes.

International Resources

Better Together: a comparative analysis of age-friendly and dementia-friendly communities
As more communities commit to becoming both age-friendly and dementia-friendly, there is an interest to commit to becoming age-friendly and dementia-friendly, there is increasing interest in how the two types of initiatives work together, and complement rather than compete. An AARP report by Natalie Turner and Lydia Morkan.