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To mark Pride Month, we've gathered stories from a number of older LGBT+ people to share their perspectives on inequality, community and how attitudes towards LGBT+ people have changed.


Ageing Better is committed to ensuring those of all ages, regardless of sexuality or gender, enjoy good later lives and are #AgeingWithPride.

Placeholder image michael and his husband Johnny sitting together with their dog

Why Michael is #AgeingWithPride

"I’d say Britain is ageist. I hope that it’s getting better, and I think that over time attitudes will improve."
Placeholder image Mindy

#AgeingWithPride: Photos of LGBT+ people over 50

A collection of photos from this project are available to download for free from our age-positive image library.
Placeholder image Lynn

Why Lynn is #AgeingWithPride

“There’s a plaque on the memorial that says ‘You were known to us’. Your families may have denied it, but you were known to us.”
Placeholder image Claud

Why Claud is #AgeingWithPride

“When I came out, my family were all very cool about it. If I could tell my younger self anything it would be that I could have come out sooner – accept yourself sooner.”
Placeholder image Ken

Why Ken is #AgeingWithPride

“I don’t think of age really. I’ve been associated with so many age groups in the theatre and we always seem to get along.”
Placeholder image linda lgbt foundation

It's more important than ever to listen to older LGBT+ voices

The Centre for Ageing Better’s #AgeingWithPride campaign is an important celebration of older LGBT+ people, but we mustn’t forget the challenges and discrimination that this community continues to face.
Placeholder image Lizzie

Why Lizzie is #AgeingWithPride

“Libraries are amazing places to promote positive LGBT+ role models and resources. That’s what they’re all about: access to information.”
Placeholder image Linda

Why Linda is #AgeingWithPride

“I wanted to show that we've all got something to offer, whether we're young, or whether we're older. Everyone deserves the spotlight at some point."
Placeholder image Tony

Why Tony is #AgeingWithPride

“Over time, things do get better and improve. Nowadays, I think generally the whole atmosphere for people who are LGBT+ is much better than it used to be.”
Placeholder image ODL blog

What can be done to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people over 50?

The pandemic has had a profound impact on the mental health and isolation of LGBTQ+ people over 50. Here’s what Opening Doors London is doing to support these communities.
Placeholder image Mindy

Why Mindy is #AgeingWithPride

“I made myself a promise that I would never tiptoe around anybody on the issue of my sexual identity, ever again.”
Placeholder image Ian

Why Ian is #AgeingWithPride

“My favourite part about helping with the LGBT archive is looking back on the timeline, seeing how we’ve built up more equality than we had.”
Placeholder image Pip

Why Pip is #AgeingWithPride

“I sometimes feel guilty – that I am still alive and some of those wonderful, talented, sexy people aren’t with us anymore. I will raise a glass to those good friends.”

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