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Amy McSweney
Evidence Officer - Work
Amy provides research support for special projects and wider support to the team to ensure our work is grounded in evidence.

Amy's role at Ageing Better includes providing evidence and administrative support for special projects. She also works within the evidence team to support programme research and development.  

She’s passionate about identifying opportunities to tackle inequality throughout the life course, so that people are empowered to make the most of their later life.  

She joined Ageing Better in May 2018, after completing an MA in History at the University of Liverpool.

Articles written by Amy

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The number of economically inactive people aged 50-64 has risen by over a quarter of a million since the pandemic began. We need a change of approach to correct this concerning trend.
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Without the right support, further increases to the state pension age will worsen the price that older workers pay for an ageist labour market.
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Too many workplaces continue to be unsupportive and alienating to women experiencing the menopause. More needs to be done.

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